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can bring you big change. what challengers do it. we heard bill clinton do it. we heard barack obama do it. certainly. the hope and change thing is now benefiting the republicans this time. >> it transcended to their signage. >> more than election census, this is about the proper scope and actual confidence of governmentment. it will come down to a basic feeling that people have, who understands government better? >> i think that's fair. if you had a huge hurricane that affect eed sometimes -- >> for example. >> either positive or negative. they can get really angry that the response wasn't really big. or >> one other potential surprise this week, that final unemployment report coming out on friday. you're an economist. looking at the numbers right now, what are you expecting to see and how much difference will it make. >> we have seen over the last year and a half, one month's numbers don't seem to crack through the shell that much. that said, we had -- probably artificially too optimistic number last time, some rebound. but at the same time, the economy has been improving. i think
, the swing state polls haven't changed. they were the same three weeks ago. the bumps that obama got from the second debate has stabilized. unless you know you're right, unless this abc news poll in ohio, which to me is really stark news. >> you mean the ohio poll. >> that changes the equation. the last three weeks, look at all of the swing state polls, everything in them, it's been the same race. for three weeks. >> nicolle wallace, that first debate clearly changed the narrative of this race. >> it served as a light coming on. casting mitt romney in a rather durable way. i agree that the polls in ohio is really the only one that matters. i don't buy that there's a path without ohio for romney. so, what they're pointing to this morning, what does suggest something that may be destabilizing the post-debate stability is, "the des moines register" editorial could have a ripple effect in that part of the country. if they have polls showing them even, that could change the me mentality of the voters in ohio. they're trying to neutralize some of false attacks about the auto bankruptcy. >> that
. >> what is it about that debate that changed the tid >> obama's arrogance is his single biggest problem, and it showed hims sleepy, and diffent, whym i here. even in the last debate, which he won, he was too much of a put down on this, and that with women voters especially is a proboblem. >> i the thing is that it was not just that obama did poorly. it was that romney did well, and became, as mark says modate mitt. that is where republicans traditionally move after the primary. he had been savaged by obama in an alanche of ads and he redeemed himself. >> both at h home and abroad he has proposed reckless policies. he praised it gege bush as a great economic steward and dick cheney as suchch showing wisdom and judgment. >> attacking me is not an agenda. charles krauthammer is off this week, but after t debate, i heard him say on fox x news that romney won the debate unequivocal, not just tactally, but strategically. his column, hgoes on to say that the president's tone petty and small, and that romney looked presidential. >> i said this was an example of me-too mitt. hessentially agreed
tax code, a dysfunctional politics, how are you going to change that? i haven't seen obama do the sort of big change agenda he did four years ago. i've seen romney make gestures at it, but not lay it out in a way that's forceful. that i think would make a change, want to do actual change. >> let me continue that theme. i want to pick up there as we turn to the democratic governor of battleground, colorado, john hickenlooper and the republican governor, paul ryan's home state of wisconsin, scott walker. governors, welcome back to "meet the press," both of you. >> glad to be back. >> both states are pretty tight here, pretty remarkable is tight as well, good news for romney. a rrn hasn't won your state since 1984. and in colorado, governor hickenlooper, look at our latest polling from nbc news and marist. 48-48. i know talking to the obama campaign. i know they think it's not that close, but they know it's tight. governor hickenlooper, you start, what's decisive? what tips the scales in your state and in this election? >> well i think if you look at the mess that president obama inherite
of this continuing crisis hardly merit notice. barack obama pledges change but touts dodd-frank, a bulky, watered-down version of financial reform that scarcely makes a ripple in the vast sea of corruption and abuse. mitt romney campaigns as the banker's pal and says he'll make dodd- frank disappear altogether. if you're appalled by this, so is the man who held the thankless job of special inspector general in charge of policing tarp, the bailout's troubled asset relief plan. before he signed on, neil barofsky was a federal prosecutor in new york chasing white-collar criminals and drug lords. he busted 50 members of a columbian guerrilla group deeply involved in narcotics trafficking. at tarp, he was assigned to ferret out waste, fraud and abuse. the banks didn't make it easy, and neither did the u.s. government. neil barofsky tells this story in his book, "bailout: an inside account of how washington abandoned main street while rescuing wall street." he is now a senior fellow and adjunct professor at the new york university school of law. neil barofsky, welcome. >> thank you. >> when you were a
to who were in my shoes last time that voted for barack obama and have changed their mind. host: robb christensen, go ahead. guest: he is giving his opinion but we have had a tremendous turnout of early voting in north carolina. in 2008, 51% of the electorate voted before election day. essentially, obama won the election before election day. john mccain won the election day vote but obama had already won the election in the early voting period. we have already had 1 million people voted north carolina. -- voters in north carolina. at this point, the democrats are doing better on the early voting, it appears. we don't have a vote count so we don't know exactly what the tally is. if you look at things -- we know things like number of active americans who have voted and that is up from the percentage who voted in 2008. percentage is greater this time at this juncture that was in 2008. the number of younger voters who tend to be more for obama than for running a, a greater percentage is up this time compared to 2008. those are all good signs for the obama campaign. but, what that will mea
. >> and katty's point, does that get the people skiletted in 2008 by this hope, change message and by obama as the candidate as excited as playing to the fear that -- especially playing to 12 years ago, i'm not so sure. chris: ok. >> i agree with that. if at any point obama had said here's what we're going to do and it's really exciting, over the next four years we started doing this thing and now we have the largest wind farm in the world in oregon, we're going to have another one in nevada. if he had just come with that kind of -- chris: big question. but paul krugman in "the new york times" on friday said he's afraid to do that. because he will be hit again with big spending and more deficits if he proposes anything. >> and playing the republicans' game. chris: ok. let's look at what could be the key to everything. ohio. and you've written about it. every winning republican has carried ohio. and joe, your magazine, "time" magazine has a big spread on it this week. why hoeup will decide the election -- ohio will decide the election and your ohio poll has obama up five points. the gender g
and they are better able to handle it that obama. even though we get little changes we still go 35 miles per hour when we should be going 70. people though the rest of the world is not right. the first abate mitt romney proved he can meet -- lead the country. lou: aguably he will change the history with that performance. what can be done by president romney to change the trajectory of this economy with more than a job creation machine? >> number one data piss-off thfiscal cliff. so we t have a severe recession but simplify the tax code. fire ben bernanke to get somebody who realizes to cheapen the dollar is not the way wealth. >> he could force him out. >> harry truman showed you could fire the fed chairman. [laughter] as well as a general. [laughter] lou: none of that has the immediate effect of those who have suffered under this administration. those who don't have a job and are underemployed giving up then we have a group of ceos speaking up for the multinionals we would like to go to the simpson thing. we want to raise taxes. reject it -- rejected by both republicans and democrats. we hear from b
are the presidential candidates. both president obama and mitt romney have had to change campaign stops on the east coast. i'm april williams reporting. >>> just heard the homeowner say the best, most stressful thing, is to stand in your house and watch the water come up and up. sandbagging, boarding up windows, securing loose lawn furniture or anything that can become airborne are just a couple of things you can do right now to prepare for this hurricane. you also made it to check on the people who need it most. the elderly. general russell honore prepared the areas post new york. good to speak to you on this early sunday. as we hear the different governors and states of emergency and were talking winds and rain and possibly snow, for these people up and down the east coast, general, what is priority number one? >> to take care of the people who are most vulnerable, the elderly, disabled, and the poor. many people who have wathe mean -- this is the end of the month. about 1/3 of the population depend on assistance from the government. the last couple of days a month. not a lot of money. so if some
: but that night, obama must have believed the bipartisan change he had promised was now within sight. >> americans sent a message to the world that we have never been just a collection of individuals or a collection of red states and blue states. we are, and always will be, the united states of america. >> you have, in obama's case, gone within four years from being an illinois state politician to the most famous person on earth, and you have confidence in both your judgment about what's the right way to go and your ability to make it that way. >> america can change. our union can be perfected. and what we've already achieved gives us hope for what we can and must achieve tomorrow. >> if he was too confident about being able to bring people together, one can understand, given the way he'd spent the previous four years. >> this is our moment. yes we can. thank you, god bless you, and may god bless the united states of america. (crowd cheering) (crowd chanting): yes we can! >> mitt romney, fresh from running the winter olympics... >> narrator: just three weeks after the olympics ended in march of 20
time since 1917. >> we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of the military changed. >> president obama's sharp rhetort. >> we have aircraft carriers where planes land on them january ships that go under water and nuclear sub marines. >> this attracted most of the attention. the real threat to the military budget is the controversial bill which congress passed and the president signed into law last year to confront the nation's looming $16 trillion debt. the law requires automatic across-the-board cuts on january 2, 2013 that will slash billions from the defense budget. in battleground states like, virginia, where as many as one in four adults work for defense contractors, which build enormous sub marines like the minnesota which is about to be christened these defense cuts could mean as many as 200,000 jobs. it was designed to be so bad we would never get to this point. mike is ceo for huntington ingalls industry. with 37,000 employees in virginia, mississippi, laz and california it is the largest u.s. naval ship builder. >> all of the usual is suspects are saying a
that voted for obama because they thought hope and change sounded good. but now know that it did not happen. it is not real. hope and change has become an anger, frustration, divide and conquer. we're not going to fall for that, are we? >> no. >> so we got 10 days to go. as you look at the closing arguments, we are talking about what will take to get people back to work, the type of leadership that may lead -- mitt romney has provided throughout his life at running at problems to solve problems. there have been hundreds of millions of dollars of negative advertising tried to disqualify mitt romney. but what we know is that this is a man of integrity, this is a man of principle, this is a man who knows how to create jobs, a man we would be proud to call our president. [cheers and applause] of all things we know about mitt romney, leadership comes to mind. one of my favorite historians passed away a couple weeks ago. he said the great characteristics of a leader, a common theme of leaders to step up to the plate to help other countries in times of need had these four characteristics. a moral
and talks about tax cuts and obama care and the whole panopoly of issues. then mentally he changed -- he is in different tone and emphasis at the least. the question that the press seems to be asking is, is it working? >> i think it's twofold -- >> it probably is -- >> is that the only question that journalists should be asking? >> no. i think matt's saying, it may be working, but again, from my perspective, you get to a certain point where you change your story so much as a politician that you have to -- and frankly, i would go so far as to say, you know, romney putting out ads talking about obama's apology tour or -- or today on the auto bailout where he's fundamentally changing his story 180 degrees. and you have to ask, is there a character question involved? even with obama, look, i wasn't happy four years -- i forget what it was, a main issue that he had flip-flopped on. it was a main issue i was ticked about. i think like there's so much going with romney that it's fair to ask, is there some being this guy's character that is wrong. >> i've intuitively believed that mitt romney is
. it's a matter of whether president obama can keep up with those margins that he had in 2008 there. >> 800,000 ohioans have already voted. early voting is really kind of maybe changing the landscape of this election season. is there any way of knowing to whose advantage this will be, romney or obama? >> yeah, there are two ways to tell. one is our poll. it seemed about one in five voters had said they voted early and they were definitely going for obama in the early polling. as well, you can look at where the returns are coming in. you can't tell who voted for whom, but you can look for since our democratic stronghold is seeing more ballots return than republican strongholds, and it would seem that's the case. the romney people are saying, so what, these are people coming out to the polls on election day, anyway. they're voting early. that's not the same as lining up other people who still need to be slightly persuaded a little bit more and get them to come out. so they say none of that matters. >> can i talk to you about weather real quick? you're there in washington. you'll defin
. king, are you planning to sue -- you said you wanted to sue president obama over the change in policy that young people would not be deported. >> he violated the constitution like gov. vilsack, he cannot do that with memorandum, and this was bogging people down. >> where do you stand on that? >> in the process? there are plaintiffs who won't come on until after the election. i will hold the suit up until after the election and we will get the suit filed. >> the answer is -- we wouldn't have this issue if congress had done their job. one branch doesn't work well and another steps in. i think the president took a necessary step. >> we will see a couple of commercials right now, the first from mrs. vilsack's campiagn. >> i am christie vilsack and i approve this message. ♪ >> mr. king, mrs. vilsack has called you an embarassment to iowa. do some of the quotes embarrass you? >> i've said by the time i eliminated the questions and dishonesty, the only thing left was "i'm christie vilsack and i approve this message." the one that is true, was about the vote on hurricane katrina. there will
. the race has gotten very stable. as the context has changed nationally, it cold present on obama from a 7, 8, 9 point lead. the range was then 7-10. now the range is 5-7. as it narrowed nationally, pennsylvania remains on the cusp of whether or not it will be competitive. host: here is the map in the last two elections. pennsylvania is referred to as pennsylvania and pittsburgh with a "t" in the middle. erie, the greater pittsburgh area and the eastern part of the state most notably around philadelphia. loretta from pennsylvania, republican line with terry madonna. caller: hello? host: you're on the air. caller:ok. my comment is i think obama should be impeached for allowing the ambassador, after requesting help three times and being denied. they were told to stand down. you cannot say the president did not know about it. they are dancing around this issue. i think this should be made in national issue. i'm very disappointed in him and hillary clinton, her being a mother and a woman. i think it's just disgusting. host: you had a chance to rest the president the question on this issue, wha
stagnation of the obama administration and the big change of the romney ryan ticket is promising. watch. >> this is a turning point for america, and we need to take a different course, that we cannot stay on the course we're on. i happen to think that the american people understand we need dramatic and real change if we're going to have a bright and prosperous future for us. >> look, we believe in the principles that built this country. we believe in liberty, freedom, free enterprise, self-determination and government working for us and not the other way around. >> no question that there is growing enthusiasm in the republican events as romney and ryan are crisscrossing the country particularly in the battle ground states. they have now nine days left and they recognize that the ground game is critically important. the storm does threaten that and mr. romney had to reschedule, canceling to virginia to be here in ohio and a series of cascading dominoes, the obama campaign and romney campaign had to essential i put the next three days of campaigning on hold because of sandy. and there are
, whether against romney or when obama was up against a generic republican. i think that's right, not much has changed in the last year. >> we're asking the president to do something hard. consumer confidence is at historic lows a long period of time. nbc, "the wall street journal" poll, we ask do you want minor change, major change. 62% want major change. when you're incumbent in a difficult economy and people look for major change, you're trying to do something really difficult and that's be able to give you four more years. the question where you say what's the biggest concern, no new ideas from obama or return to bush, that was 47-47, just like the race. >> that's why romney is beginning to make the argument in the close how i represent the change. i think it is quite interesting. >> it is interesting. mike duffy, thank you for joining us this morning, anna greenberg, we will have you back after the election to see how right or wrong we were. >> we will be much smarter after the election. >> thank you all very much. >>> up next, 2012 campaigns undercard some ballot races we're keeping
heads to ohio tomorrow in a change of plans because of hurricane sandy. president obama also canceled campaign events next week in northern virginia and colorado to moniter the storm, but not before stopping in new hampshire, where he criticized romney's economic plan. >> hes has been running around saying he has a 5-point plan for the economy. turns out that's 1-point plan. folks at the very top play by a different set of rules than you do did. >> after the event the president made an unexpected shop at the common man tavern in nearby merrimack and chatted with diners and when one woman offered to buy him a drink, he bought a round of brewed ale instead. >>> nightmare in new york city, the possibility motive of the alleged homicide of two kids at the hands of their nanny. >>> a cute, but dangerous cargo and what the man was trying to do with 15 tiger cubs. >>> coming up i will let you know if the warm weather lasts into your sunday and when we'll add rain chances to the long- range forecast. ve up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. our schools shouldn't be 47th in anything. when i see that
the carefully scripted schedules out the window, forcing president obama and governor romney to change their plans, but it is not slowing them down. we have the latest from the trail. >> president obama will leavemented everd.c. and fly to florida, do a campaign event in florida tomorrow and fly back to washington to monitor the storm. because of sandy, the president has cancelled a campaign stop in virginia tomorrow and one in colorado for tuesday. the white house says president obama is getting regular updates on the storm and said the federal emergency management agency, or fema, has already deployed teams and prestaged resources to potentially affected states and remains in close contact with emergency responders and states up and down the coast to insure there are no unmet needs. one concern for both campaigns is that the storm could hinder early voting in the east coast battleground states, but the obama campaign says it thinks early voting overall will be a plus for them. >> our people are coming out. ohio, florida, the first day of early voting in florida, record numbers of peo
romney or whether obama of put up against generic republicans. i think not much has changed in the last of the year. >> we know that consumer confisdens at historic -- confidence is at historic lows. and the nbc/"wall street journal" poll we ask if he's re-elected, would you like more or less the same, minor change, major change. 52% wanted major change. when you're an incumbent in a difficult economy and people are looking for major change, you are trying to do something really difficult. that's get four more years. we do this great question where we say what's your biggest concern, no more new ideas from obama or return to bush. that was 47-47. >> that's why romney is beginning to make the argument about how i represent the change. i think it's interesting. >> it is interesting. mike, thank you for joining us this morning, as well. anna, mike, we'll have you back after the elections to see how right or wrong we were. >> we'll sound much smarter after the election. >> we will. thank you very much. >>> next, 2012 campaigns under card some down ballot races we're keeping our eye on. [ ma
it is a game changing gaf by mitt romney but you do not know about obama's speech before the wind. allot you don't know. i was citing the caliber of the liberals. former vice presidential candidate and for the democratic party. bob beckel but he ran the mondale campaign. susan estrich ran dead dukakis campaign, what williams. there are liberals but as smart as they come. [laughter] [applause] it is the best that liberalism has to offer they sean msnbc the functional retards and then as i said only sean hannity. this made ted explode and he cites the bill o'reilly. he is middle-of-the-road party believes in gun-control, he loves obama and ted koppel got testy with me. he is not opinionated? i said yes. the buster list america. [laughter] he would agree with me on all of that. [laughter] so then it runs and they have a horrible clip of zero release screaming at some guests. then ted koppel but an coulter says he is not partisan the nav. that is exactly the opposite. it gets to the point* they will take good clip of you say yes then answer the question are you a child molester? [laughter] that
of humankind. that was over. a lot of the change after o.j. was very subtle but it was a wonderful thing that happened for race relations in america. that faded. it happened daylong time ago and a long comes barack obama, the most liberal candidate in the nation's history. they get a liberal president and attacked critics are calling them racist. with obama it has come back. we are walking on egg shells again. admittedly not very delicately on those egg shells. just my introduction. i am going to a debate party tonight, the racist pete said debate party, because he is having it in his apartment. apartment. it is an apartment. maybe it is not being taken quite as seriously have but it did work in 2008. more white people voted for barack obama than any democratic candidate for president in nearly 40 years, tied with clinton, incumbent in 1996. look at the wonders that produced, as it did in new york city and as it has with barack obama. you can see my book in effect in last week's debate. the first objective test obama has faced. for four years he has been coddles by the media. i guess he
as a conservative but he double the debt and was a profit -- profligate spender. we were upset with obama making it worse. many people call them sells libertarian to designate as a constitutional conservative. >> host: you wrote this before you had time in the u.s. senate what would you change? has your thinking changed? >> i feel landers stand more how much we're at an impasse getting stuff done. i tried to take ideas that many democrats have put forward but i cannot get democrats to talk to me. i had appointments with several different democratic senators to work on as a security reform. it can be saved 75 years are in perpetuity if we gradually raise the age and mean test the benefits but i cannot get democrats to discuss the possibility. >> host: what about your own party? >> half and half. i meekly critical of my party that all 47 u.s. senators are for a balanced budget amendment. but when we cut $7 million from sugar subsidies we have about 10 republicans that have sugar. if we compare that to the annual deficit is over $1 trillion. you want to cut 7 million added time? that is 140,000 we
further and, actually... (inaudible) obama created. you want to project? >> okay. thank you. >> (inaudible) created that the us (inaudible) and job really is to be an internal changing in the (inaudible) and the way that we think about is it an incubator in the government. it is not to incubate the economy, it is to execute projects and it is actually... (inaudible) program and the present priorities. one such program that is really focused up to date is presidential innovations for... shall we go through... okay. so, then and as an effort that, really have the idea for, basically made... and the whole idea is an amazing... and the government to work with all of the innovators on game-changing that they can actually move forward and... money, and improve it in the lives of americans. and the idea is that the teams work in (inaudible) in part of and deliver... within six months. and so not as a... powerpoint or... actual out come and actual change. and they are... the american people. what we actually did was in the version of a traditional (inaudible) and actually... what we did instead wa
web site, the governor's office says it will determine if changes to the early voting scandal are necessary to protect the public. >> the approach of hurricane sandy is forcing the obama and mitt romney seems to be right to their campaign matt. -- to rewrite their campaign map. president obama said mitt romney is offering a re run at past policies. mitt romney join markell rupiah -- joined marco rubio tpday. oday. the obama teams as president obama is ready to stand a case of disaster because of hurricane sandy. >> download our new election mobile app to see a picture of your nearest polling place in keep up to the minute with the campaigns. search and download election 2012 on a smartphone where tablet. >> sandy is causing news already before she is technically affecting us. >> a huge storm. winds running about 500 miles out to the center of the storm. monday looks like the target date. i will talk about that coming up. thank you, mr. speaker, uh, members of congress. in celebration of over 75 years of our government employees insurance company, or most of
changed. we have these things aircraft carriers where planes land a little bit obama. >> 663 in the pentagon. >> they are all sharp too, the women. >> romney made a very good point. >> that is actually the wall street journal. >> reagan had a 600 ship navy. it is now down to fewer than 300. also the american people talking straight politics, you tell them we are going to build up our ships that is very positive with the american people in terms of defense. i think you ought to have a 300 ship navy because we are going to be bringing the troops home. >> first of all the president is right when he says you don't count ships you count the effectiveness of the navy and of the entire military force. what romney is doing is he is appealing to the ship building facilities in virginia. it is campaign rhetoric, not a realistic defense. >> eleanor, once again eleanor is right. >> thank you, tim. >> it is military industrial king pinnism. george allen is doing it in virginia and now romney is doing it. >> we need more ships to make more jobs. >> you sound like obama when you are saying
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